Forest Hills Community

Forest Hills is a fantastic community located in Kent County, Michigan featuring a conglomerate of communities such as Ada, Kentwood, Cascade Township, and Grand Rapids Township.

Forest Hills is an area reputed for its upper-middle-class community in the suburban lifestyle of Grand Rapids. As a new resident, you will find a mix of historic and newer homes, access walkable suburbs, and take your children to some of the best-regarded schools in all of Michigan. Many incoming medical residents to Grand Rapids find themselves settling in the Forest Hills area due to the proximity to hospitals. The hospitals are close and the residents can access them through a short walk or drive.

Forest Hills is composed of family-friendly and picture-postcard perfect upscale neighborhoods. The area is host to beautiful single-family homes, townhouses, and beautifully developed condominiums all located in wooded settings surrounded by mature pines. Hence the name Forest Hills!

For nature lovers, Forest Hills has plenty of riverfront locations that offer unrivaled fishing, boating, and canoeing opportunities. The Forest Hills area comprises master-planned developments that feature parks and playgrounds in the suburbs. Forest Hills suburbs are built on mid-century subdivisions that offer value, quality, and excellent square footage. The Forest Hills area is known for its autonomous public school district which serves the area rather well.

Here are some of our favorite Forest Hills businesses:

  • Forest Hills Foods - A grocer offering a wide variety of Michigan produce and products, as well as a full salad bar and large deli selection.
  • Sip Juice Bar - Another space to prioritize your health, a juice bar - we suggest you try the wheatgrass shots.
  • Kennedy’s Flowers & Gifts - A quaint flower and gift shop offering home goods, apparel, and great greeting cards.

If you’re interested in moving to or to get more information on the Forest Hills area, get in touch with our team.

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